We are able and willing to provide easy home nuanced services for our clients, but if you want to save your moving budget, may wish to try the DIY mode. Before making a decision on you, don't forget to consider whether you have plenty of time and manpower

From the view of time and human factors, few people can complete the whole move on their own. Therefore, we recommend that you select your interested and have the ability to do part
Your packing
Order our packaging material
The transportation of goods by packaging (if you have no experience in packing, we recommend you consult our website packaging tips, we also recommend that you put the fragile items for our professional staff are professional packaging)
With the label of your packaging items
When you packed up, call our home delivery transport
We handle
We assigned the truck to your home, counting and package your items after loading
Leave your house with seal lock closed van
The arrival of the goods at the designated place, and to confirm the seal number correct open closed van
Unloading and count the number of
You remove the packaging
To remove the packaging, reset

When you finish the work, call us to collect waste packaging materials